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Once again I have another watch from World of Watches that DOESN'T WORK. I bought it 6 months ago, I've worn it 3 times as of today and of course, it doesn't work.

It's an Invicta and since I have over 400 watches, it's impossible for me to wear, test each one, daily, weekly or monthly, not that I should have to test something that is supposed to be brand new. Upon contacing "WOW" again I was waiting on hold 35 minutes which can only mean that they have 100's ,1000's or more people with the same problems if not more. I explain I need an exchange and I get denied by a CSR that can't even speak proper english, let alone pronounce my name. This, wasn't the first time that happened either.

She tells me to send it to Invicta, since it has a 1 year warranty. SO, now I have to send it to Invicate, incur the shipping, the wait, the repair on yet another watch. With research I found out that most of the watches World of Watches sells are broken, damaged, discontinued or junk. WOW buys this *** at pennies on the dollar and resells it as new.

Their quality sucks, their customer service sucks...THEY SUCK! IN time if you buy from them, you will see what happens!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Luckey, Ohio, United States #586330

Could not agree more. Spent over 3 hours on the phone today trying to talk to a someone who cares and could help with a minor issue. Customer Service Sucks and everyone just passes the buck.

to Blackie #625380

stfu *** you have no idea the *** those employees deal with if you have over 400 watches why the *** are you worried about that one.


That's strange...they are a distributor of Invicta. That would mean all of their products come new from Invicta.

If the watch did not meet the return/exchange policy you would have to deal with the warranty provider. I'm currently waiting for my watch back from Invicta.

It's been 5 weeks so far. Good luck!

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