Luckey, Ohio

The watches seem to be good but the Customer Service is terrible and ruins the entire experience.So far I have spent about 4 hours of phone time trying to talk to a Customer Representative who can help me with a minor issue.

They do not respond to E-Mails, wait times on phone are extremely long, cannot get anyone who can actually help, and when you finally get to talk to someone they are rude (even the supervisors). I simply need to update my Credit Card date as it has just expired and I was issued a new card (same card number, different date and security code). They sent an automated E-Mail for me to supply the new information which I did. However they sent no confirmation.

You would think this is fairly important to them as a repeat customer wants to purchase more product.

Apparently not.I bet they are writing their own Customer Satisfaction Surveys because there is no way they are getting them from SATISFIED CUSTOMERS!!!


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