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I bought 7 pieces of watches from them in the month of June & July 2013. I only received my credit card statement in July and notice that they have over charge me by US$ 4016.06. I have been trying to contact them by phone but each time my called was picked up by a CS just said to claim by from my credit card company which is impossible. She will then slammed down my called. I have make many long overseas call and they know that I am from overseas, they take the opportunity to cheat me by charging more than what they are supposed to... Read more

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Had great experiences with Evine and world of watches . Ordered 2 from WOW last night . Let's see what happens on these 2 orders Add comment

First one was $1000 for $150 - came in with 5 big scratches, back lid was not fully shut. The time was off about an hour for every 12 hours that's gone by so I would re adjust it all the time. Got it replaced with same watch and 2nd one came in with a few cosmetic problems. But time was running slow all the time. Thought it was maybe battery is dying so replaced that and the time was off all the time. Return time ran out so got a local repair guy to have a look and he said it would cost 3x the amount I bought it for. The 2nd watch I bought... Read more

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Purchased a new Baume and Mercier for nearly $2000. It stopped working after 5 days. Shipped it to them for repair. Called 2 weeks later on status. A customer service rep with an attitude claimed they had no record of return. Finally they shipped it back to me. Watch was then stolen while with UPS. Emailed World of Watches customer service about it. No reply. I contacted DISCOVER and, thankfully, they agreed to credit my account for full price. Had I used a debit card this would not have been possible. Read more

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Ordered 2 watches from WofW in the past 3 months. Free delivery took 6 days on both orders. Watches arrived well packaged and in new condition. Both watches have been trouble free. The last Michael Kors watch came with a free gift. A watch winder. $30 value. Had ordered from World of watches before with no problems. Add comment

World of watches is guilty of price switching the price on TV is not always the samevas the web they almost charged me 50 dollars more than what was shown on TV good thing i was paying attention7 Add comment

"So I've purchased several watches from World of Watches over the years. However, this last time will be my last. To make my story short I ordered a watch and had to return it because of an oily film on the inside of the watch crystal. When I got the exchange back, it had the exact same problem, but was even worse than the first watch. So I ended up taking the watch apart and cleaning the inside of the crystal myself and I reassembled it (the average person probably wouldn't have the tools to do that). And now it looks great. So I posted a... Read more

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I sent my watch to WOW to get a band replaced in August 2015 they claim they sent it to Switzerland for repair ,, really ? For a leather band!!! I call today and the told me the watch never made it to Switzerland and it was being mailed back to me and it was a error on there behalf and a mix up that the watch wasn't sent off I called every month since August and they told me the watch was in Switzerland why lie??? Now may watch coming back to me I repaired after being held for six months just for a band ,, send me a replacement band I swap it... Read more

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2 watches ordered, arrived with flat batteries and needing pressure testing to make at home waterproof again. Was 3 days from posting to arrival. They have refused to acknowledge or respond to 3 emails. Atrocious service, highly unprofessional, no customer relations. Unable to send back as no response from company so am out of pocket. Apparently they do not wish to accept watches back. Would suggest that these are not 'bargains' as I thought but extremely expensive, do not purchase from these people! Read more

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Purchased an Invicta watch on 1/9/16, and specifically paid for UPS Ground shipping. After checkout, I got an email stating they were sending it via USPS. Link to track shipping received via email still only says "shipping information received". Now it is 1/15/16 and their customer service person says they "are working in it". Do not waste your time or money with this company, especially if you are buying a watch for someone for a special occasion and need it in any reasonable time frame. NOT the way to do business. I live about close to the... Read more

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I got the $30 watch I ordered and am pleased. However, I expected it sooner than I got it, and became alarmed having read some pretty critical reviews of this company. Getting in touch with them by phone was impossible on any number they offered. I could not contact them by email, computer does not use the proper email link. Finally I saw the Chat offer. I was able to Chat my inquiry and got the watch the same day the Chat human told me I would. Still, I got an uneasy feeling, and would not order through WOWatches again. I would pay a... Read more

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